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My heart is to provide quality and compassionate care for the elderly.

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Caring Is Focussed On The Individual

We know one solution does not fit all, so we take time to listen and learn about each of our residents preferences. We then tailor a care program that maximises the residents independence and dignity.

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Plus we personaly connect with our residents and families

We help our seniors to lead safer, healthier and more independent lives.

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It is not unusual for family members to be concerned about considering an Adult Family Home for their loved ones. Family members are often overwhelmed by the task of considering which of the hundreds of available homes best meets their specific needs. Family members also have concerns about measuring the quality of care and services provided. Once a move occurs to an Adult Family Home, it is common for family members to feel completely at ease with the care and support that are provided. Sunny's Adult Family Home provides a loving and nurturing environment to seniors where family members can rest be assured that their loved ones are at the right place.


We ARE Located At: 2709 165TH AVE NE Bellevue, WA 98008. Ph- (425)-885-2188. Cell- (425)-466-3528. Fax- (425)-406-8953. Email- sunnytennis@comcast.net